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One-to-One Coaching

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We offer one-to-one coaching to the leaders at all levels. That being said, we believe it is more useful for senior leaders dealing with wicked problems everyday. Our coaching focus is how to apply philosophical insights to get to know yourself better, improve everyday practices and go through crisis without losing the track of your core purpose in life.

Our 'Introduction to Philosophy in the context of Business' session is standard for everyone where we get to know each other and set learning goals. The following sessions are customized according to your need and our expertise areas.

fter your purchase, our team will approach you to schedule sessions. You can always reach us at We are in GMT, but flexible to fit your agenda.

Our focus topics are resilience, purpose, integrity, inclusivity.

Introduction to Philosophy in the context of business

This is introductory session to get to know each other better and understand how Punk Business School and Philosophy can contribute to your development goals.

Recommended total hours: 2-4

What is my purpose?

Humans are the only species driven to define purpose. This journey invites you to interrogate and explore your beliefs and values, helping you get clear on what's yours to do in the world and what's the change you want to see. 

Our sessions will provoke you to dig deep and discover what really drives you, what's your purpose, ensuring you live and lead in a more meaningful way.


Recommended total hours: 16

How do I build my resilience?

We live in an unjust world. This journey aims to support your resilience by enabling you to see the ugly truths and accept others as they really are so you build your capacity to do the important work of leadership. 

Our sessions are curated to help you practice acceptance, find joy and to keep going even when the truth is hard to swallow, building capacity on yourself and those around you.


Recommended total hours: 16

How do I lead more inclusively?

It's time for change. We need to lead organisations that feel like home to a more diverse group of people and invite them to shape the future together. This requires leaders to have genuine, heartfelt respect for all that it means to be human. 

Our sessions will encourage you to look more closely at the assumptions and biases you hold, start to challenge them and let go of what's holding you back as you look to build the inclusive, accepting organisations the world needs right now.


Recommended total hours: 12

Does more always equal to success?

Our capitalist systems incentivises competition, excess and assumes money equals power. This journey helps us look more closely at the systems we're a part of and the structures we're conforming to and questions whether they are really serving us.

Our sessions are curated to challenge your story of success. How are you living your purpose, how are you inspiring others to live theirs and what does enough look like for you?


Recommended total hours: 12

Am I living in integrity?

It's easy for us to understand conceptually what living our values means. It's much harder to have the conviction to keep showing up to them when things get tough or when we're challenged by the external reality.

Our sessions will help you get clarity on what integrity means for you and how you can bring awareness to the times when you're out of whack with it enabling you to close the gap and help others do the same.


Recommended total hours: 12