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Founder: Pinar Akiskalioglu

All one-to-one coaching and corporate sessions run by Pinar.

Pinar is passionate about blocking the business BS and actualizing an Essential Only philosophy for a progressing world, primarily concerned over social injustice. 

She holds BA diploma in Econometrics. She is a Harvard Business School Alumni, where she studied Leadership Development and, recently graduated from the University of Oxford with a distinction where she studied an Executive MBA.

Pinar worked for a global youth-run organization, AIESEC, for seven years with the vision of world peace. She was working as Global Director of Strategy before leaving the organization.

Later she joined a leading global consumer goods & technology company. During her nine years-long corporate career, she took various local and regional roles. Lately, she served as Head of Marketing.

She currently leads two start-ups in the UK and manages her investments in renewable energy and construction industries.

Cindy Tokumitsu

Cindy's career spans teaching, writing, editing, project management, publishing, and consulting.  She taught English in Japan for 1.5 years, and then returned to the US and commenced working as an independent editor, writer, and project manager. In 1993 she joined Quality Resources, a niche business publisher, as Acquisitions Editor and eventually Editorial Director. In 1999 she returned to independent contracting as a consultant, writer, and editor assisting graduate school applicants in strategizing and developing their applications. She is delighted to bring these multiple experiences, skillsets, and perspectives to Punk Business School. Her bachelor degree is from State University of New York in art history and English.

Firat Devecioglu

Philosopher, speaker, writer

The opinion articles of Firat, who studied at the department of Philosophy in İstanbul University on sociology, philosophy and culture, which were in his book "Yüzleşme" (Confrontation) included the views of 29 different philosophers, and broke both sharing and reading records in social media. His articles have also been published on many websites, magazines and newspapers. Published in 2018, the book on philosophy entered the publisher's bestseller list in Turkey in a short time.

Nowadays, the philosophical theatre performance named 'Lazarus', which he wrote is staged.

Before he concentrated on the world of articles and thoughts, he took various executive roles of leading global consumer goods companies for over a decade. He directed the biggest brands, and acted as management workshop leader, coach and in-house tutor. Not only this but he also won many awards for leadership and success throughout his professional career.

Firat conducts training, seminars and workshop studies on awareness and existence with THINK House, Istanbul's premier culture and arts venue which he also founded. Finally, he also prepares "executive raising" programs for business life.

Meg Roberts

Meg is passionate about supporting strong female entrepreneurs and business owners in the growth of their passion projects and aiding them in reaching their goals. She is a University of Exeter alumni, and has a professional background in events management, C-suite executive assistance, and most recently founded a company providing virtual assistants to exciting and influential small businesses. Specialising in delivering the executive and operational support that agile, fast-growing SMEs need, she thrives off generating and building relationships and developing successful outcomes from concept to completion.